Envio GRATUITO para encomendas superiores a 49,50€! Levantamento em Lisboa disponível.
Envio GRATUITO para encomendas superiores a 49,50€! Levantamento em Lisboa disponível.
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Tourism stats and the impact on pollution

Tourism numbers.

It is estimated that by 1950, there were more than 25 million international tourist arrivals around the world. It seems to be a very low number right? Well, It is indeed compared to the numbers nowadays!

In 1970, the number of tourists was 166 million, and by 1990 it had grown to 435 million. From 1990 to 2019, the numbers have increased to an incredible pace reaching 1,460 billion!

Tourism's plastic pollution related.

Plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental challenges of our days.
Much of the plastic used for tourism purposes is made for single use and to be thrown away and often cannot even be recycled leading to an increase of plastic pollution.

Fact: Did you know that during peak tourist season, marine litter in the Mediterranean region was found to increase by up to 40 per cent?

Italy coast

In this article we will not mention the other disadvantage from tourism although , but we would like to keep it short and focus on the plastic pollution as it is the main reason why we have decided to build our company and to create on the go smart and sustainable accessories.

Our 5 top recommendation to avoid plastic and pollution when travelling are:

  1. When staying at the hotel or any similar properties, do not use the shampoo or shower gel that comes into plastic or similar containers. Always carry your liquids in a reusable and sustainable container.
  2. Who needs clean towels or sheets everyday? Do we really change towels or sheets everyday when at home? Definitely not,so please avoid doing it when travelling, washing those uses a tremendous amount of water and it is more chemicals that go into our planet.
  3. Avoid using plastic water bottles when possible and carry a reusable bottle. In many countries, the tap water is drinkable and in some countries even healthier that the bottled one!
  4. Say no to all kinds of disposable plastic such as plastic cutlery, straws, coffee-cups lids and others.
  5. Carry a backpack or any comfortable bag and refuse any type of plastic bag when shopping either for food or goods.
Do you have any recommendation or is there any specific product that you would like us to produce? 
We would love to hear from you and all positive or negative feedback are always welcome!

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